Mission Statement

EnergyAdvisors, A Member Service of MBA, is dedicated to providing its members with the lowest cost energy for the energy supply product that best suits their needs.

About Us

Companies of every size and type are seeking alternative energy suppliers and assistance in matching the right supplier with the best energy supply product at the right price. On behalf of its members, the Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) established the Employer's Energy Alliance of Pennsylvania (EEA-PA) in 2009 to assist them in shopping for energy, saving them millions of dollars in electric supply costs to date.

Originally, EEA-PA was founded as a subsidiary of MBA to assist members in purchasing energy at a low-cost rate through a monthly indexed variable rate program only. Though participating members saved millions of dollars on their energy costs over the next few years with this variable rate product, many members wanted access to other types of energy products and services. Thus, in May 2015, the MBA member energy program was renamed EnergyAdvisors to better reflect the services and support it provides to employers in need of energy advice.

EnergyAdvisors is currently offering electricity supply to Association members in the Penelec, PPL, West Penn, Penn Power, PECO and MetED areas. Any employer can become a member of the MBA and take advantage of its energy savings program.

Through the EnergyAdvisors, you can access an expanded list of pre-qualified suppliers offering long-term fixed rate pricing, variable rate pricing indexed to the Day-Ahead Market, blended rate programs, and Demand Response curtailment services for large demand energy users. Whether you're shopping for electric supply or want to learn how your company can be paid to curtail energy use on high demand days, the EnergyAdvisors is here to help.

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